About the Office

About the Office

The culture of the office is most important for a new agent experience to be at its’ peak.  Maximizing personal potential of new agents is the focus of the broker.  What is the best way to help a new agent maximize their potential?  According to the Owner/Broker Stephen Williams, “It is very important to give a new agent a platform so they can go out and perform well.  The platform here is the free, top of the line ongoing agent training, which is made available to every agent in order to advance their career.

The agent training includes both on-line and in-house live training classes.  This is particularly critical to new agents coming into the business.  Sometimes just knowing what to do to get started can make the difference between whether an agent continues and succeeds in the business, or, whether they become discouraged and give up on their dreams.  At Century 21 Olympian we are all about cultivating the “dreams of the dreamer.”  According to Williams, “Each one comes into the business to change his/her quality of life, regardless of the starting point upon entering the business.  It’s not just about the money, it’s about changing quality of life for the agent and their families, as well as the buyers and/or sellers.  Being independent, having the freedom to choose how business will be done and who we represent … spreads to our family, friends and impacts a our communities.

The primary goal is training an agent to the point that they become productive, with the understanding that much of what happens is how the agent applies the knowledge they are receiving, particularly in regards to time management.  It has been said that 20% of the agents do 80% of the business.  That is because they have come to understand that they must always be prospecting, prospecting and prospecting.  We give our agents the ability to maximize their prospecting systems by charging low monthly fees.  The money saved is then available for the prospecting systems.

Anyone can join our office before they have finished getting their license.  They cannot actually participate in real estate activities until they become licensed, however, but they can attend any and all of the classes offered to all agents.  As an inactive agent, they are acquiring the knowledge needed to make them successful and cutting down on non- productive time between testing and actual licensing.  They have the opportunity to learn marketing strategies and systems, and specific Century 21 systems.  This makes them better prepared to give better service.  The Century 21 Olympian office offers all its’ clients a first class customer service experience for both our selected and corporate clients.

In addition to the weekly ongoing in-house training programs, we also offer a Mentoring program for those who feel they can benefit from additional help.